New to Monrovia Equine and Small Animal - Walk-in/Haul-in Wednesdays!
No appointment needed from 9am to 7pm every Wednesday!

We have fully equipped ambulatory vehicles providing digital radiology, ultrasound, and shockwave services to our equine patients.  Dental and chiropractic services are offered as well.

Our diagnostic equipment at Monrovia Equine and Small Animal Clinic includes digital radiology and digital ultrasound.  Endoscopy is available on request.

Sports Medicine:
With accurate diagnostic tools, we are able to provide appropriate treatments including intra-articular injections as well as portable shockwave therapy.  IRAP joint therapy also available.

Monrovia Equine and Small Animal Clinic provides a wide variety of reproductive services.  We offer traditional estrous cycle monitoring, ovulation timing, and pregnancy diagnosis via palpation and ultrasound.  Artificial insemination with cooled semen is also provided.  Stallion collection, semen evaluation, artificial insemination with frozen semen, and embryo transfer services all are available on consultation.  Reproductive services are also available for our small animal customers.

Monrovia Equine and Small Animal Clinic is current equipped for select elective equine surgeries such as cryptorchid castrations, hernia repair, enucleations, and mass removal.  Canine cruciate repair, spay and neuters, intestinal surgery, femoral head osteotomies, and diaphragmatic hernia repair are a few of the surgical procedures offered to our small animal customers.  As the clinic grows, additional surgeries will come available.

Preventative Medicine:
Individualized preventative medicine is offered to all of our horse, dog, and cat owners.  Vaccinations, deworming, and nutritional programs can be customized to fit your animal's preventative health care program.